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meet michael, a 19 year old producer born and raised in orlando. i had the pleasure of sitting down with this talented individual and chatting about many things. this is how he describes his childhood growing up-

“i grew up living in the suburbs and around 5 years old i moved into a country woodsy area and it was a big change at first but i grew to the area and like it more than the suburbs cause you have much more freedom.”

michael has 2 siblings and his parents are still happily together. lets dive into the rest 🎉

me: so your life growing up was pretty normal you’d say? 🙂

michael: yea pretty much

me: glad to hear it was peaceful. at what age did you start getting into music?

michael: i mean i always liked music since i was 4 because growing up i had a lot of variation between my family. like growing up my brother put me on g unit, three six mafia, limp bizkit and basically all the other new musicians around the 2000s. my dad showed me beastie boys, red hot chili peppers and basically the different stuff. then my cousin showed me like techno, drum and bass music so i grew up with a taste for everything. also if my brother reads this and he sees that i don’t acknowledge him for putting me on almost all my music growing up and still today he’ll probably beat my ass so yea he’s the one who put me on bones, raider klan and all that too so i owe him

me: all amazing musicians. your brother and your father sound like powerful role models to you. can you elaborate on that?

michael: i don’t know if there’s much to say but if it wasn’t for my brother or my dad putting me on the things i know now then i would be a whole completely different person

me: are you happy with yourself now? i know this question might be a bit odd, but it definitely helps your supporters get a closer look

michael: i’m happy so far with the things i’ve been able to accomplish but happy as a person then no

me: name some of your accomplishments youre most proud of?

michael: not a lot, but i was able to start my own brand back in 2016 even though i released a handful of items and went on a 2 year hiatus cause i had a lot of other things going on. then some of the things weren’t turning out how i would like them and music was becoming a bigger portion of my time but i’m starting to get back on it cause it bothers me to see the missed potential in it. the other accomplishment i feel proud of is the bones placement of course

me: very proud of you. you’ve come so far. how was it like working with one of your influencers?

michael: honestly one of the best feelings because he’s my biggest role model/inspiration/influencer and i feel like i just started producing so i felt like it would’ve never happened in a million years so to be able to have a song with him (especially that song because i remember watching the interview back in 9th grade of him saying he wanted to work with andy hull and it’s crazy how things come full circle). because of him i’ve met new friends and people that i can relate to, support me and actually make me feel like i have a purpose making music (like you for example. so thank you for that). it’s unbelievable and crazy to me that my life dream came true

(below is the track michael produced for bones and andy hull- tellmesomethingidontknow off themanintheradiator)

me: that sounds amazing. its always nice when your craft feels like it has purpose. how do you feel about bringing the brand back?

michael: happy because whenever i thought about it i would hate it because there’s potential in it and i feel like i messed up. when i actually get the items done the way i want and i’m uploading them on the site it’s another great feeling to me and that’s what i wanna feel again

me: that sounds like a feeling you really dont want to give up. what kind of items should we be on the lookout for?

michael: shirts and some accessories just cause i only released a handful of shirts, but in the long run- socks, hoodies, and around halloween some ski masks

me: oh my goodness im excited for that! something you learned when you first started making music that has stuck with you to this day?

michael: it sounds cliche but do what makes you happy. i wouldn’t have been able to accomplish and achieve the things i did if i worried about other people’s taste, music and what they wanna hear from me. and don’t force yourself to make music because it won’t feel and sound natural and it will just sound forced

me: great advice 🖤 something you would like to experiment with more in your music?

michael: it would be great if i could use live instruments or something that replicates that sound on a software cause other than my inspirations from soundcloud, foster the people and metronomy are big influences/inspirations to me and its a dream to make music like that under a different name (which i already have) but i just need to figure how to make that type without having a band. also maybe vocals but my voice is not cut out for music so that would just be a pipe dream

me: everything takes practice. if its something you’re interested in, you should consider looking into it. im glad i did when i was younger.

michael: i definitely tried that sound before just didn’t feel the way it turned out

me: it doesn’t work for everyone, but experimenting and trying just to see if its something that would work was a smart move on your end.

me: what do you feel is your weakest element in your music and how do you plan on working on it?

michael: well i feel like all my beats sound the same, pattern and structure wise and that’s probably my biggest one so i really just keep going until there’s a sample or melody that makes me think outside the box, that’s what i end up using. and repetitiveness i feel but lately i been trying to add more elements so it seems full rather than repeating the same thing which i used to do

me: interesting take on that. i like that you use new techniques to think outside the box. what would you say is your most embarrassing moment (musical/general)?

michael: my most embarrassing moment besides falling and other cliche moments- in 2nd grade i went on stage to perform crank that from soulja boy and when i went to go do it i got stage fright and just walked off stage

me: oh my goodness that is priceless information

michael: yea i don’t think many people know that. that’s probably what started my shyness to be honest

me: what helps keep you going in times when you feel like giving up?

michael: music/new music, movies, and interviews of my favorite artists cause those are things that motivate me to keep going for some reason. like when i get bored or don’t have the urge to make music i’ll watch $uicideboy snippets or live performances of my favorite artists

me: these are all beautiful ways of keeping yourself motivated! an artist you would love to work with, and what would you do?

michael: this is gonna be a long list but

bones again- for anything

$b- somehow if i get a chance to produce for them would be another dream come true but i don’t have high hopes

rozz- hopefully produce a track for him cause he inspired me just as much as bones (i sent him some so hopefully he ends up using one)

hightosis- cause his work is truly godlike and hopefully i have a video edited by him someday once i create a song good enough for that level

the next 2 are basically impossible cause they’re big but joseph mount (from metronomy) and mark foster cause that’s my alternative side that loves that music

also sadly it wouldn’t be possible but it was a dream to work with lil peep (rest in peace) on anything because he’s in the top 5 people who influenced/inspired me the most and ever since i first heard “words you hear on a sinking ship” i loved his music. i even sent him an email wondering if i could’ve sent him a hat from my brand but didn’t get a response. also i remembered another type of stuff i want to experiment with is punk music like “fucked in the head” by yung cortex or some 80s music like the cure. that’s the only music i could see myself having vocals over

me: wow… this was very interesting to read. i know you can do anything you set your mind to. honestly youre extremely talented and motivated, itll all make sense in due time

michael: thank you it means a lot. hopefully it works out

me: it will. just keep your passion 🙂

michael: i will. it’s crazy enough that people actually like my music to begin with so that’s unreal to me already. oh and i would want to work with chetta (sorry to keep adding i just have a lot of people’s music i love)

me: haha its totally okay! do you have any projects coming up in the near future?

michael: i dropped an EP actually haha its only 3 tracks but one of them is like tellmesomethingidontknow’s twin so hopefully people like that one even though it wasn’t intended to sound like that song it just came out like it so yea. and during the summer i’m gonna have a tape where it’s more trap and fun tracks with features and stuff

(below i linked michael’s most recent EP release- off the radar)

me: if you had to describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before, what would you say?

michael: i honestly don’t know how to describe it. i just make what i feel at the time and hopefully you can hear what i was feeling when you listen to my songs

me: amazing way of putting it. a piece of advice you would give for people wanting to start?

michael: don’t expect to make an amazing song off the start. it takes time to grow and learn new things so don’t overthink your first song too much

me: beautiful advice

some of you may know michael because he produced for bones, but its only fair you guys knew more than just that. surely enough, he’s accomplished a shit ton over the time he’s spent making music. to this guy, music is more than just a tune. getting the time to sit down and speak with him has made me realize that music is his muse in everything he does and being able to hear the passion that he has for it in his words is a really rare find. so you might be curious about what this guy really does- lets get to that! ✨











thank you all of you for taking the time to sit down with us and learn more about this incredibly talented guy. much love and appreciation- until next time 🦋

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