your next poetic heartthrob (with a beard) : dominic 📰🎈

meet dominic, a 22 year old musician from pennsylvania ✨ i got the chance to sit down and chat with him about the darkness behind his music… and what i ended up learning about him was astounding to me. we’re here today to share that story with YOU 💕 growing up, dominic had a pretty normal childhood, doing normal children things such as playing outside. once he hit his teens, life started getting a little more rocky- always getting in trouble and tense relationships within his family. these are all things that shaped his darkness as well as his light- ultimately shaping him as an individual as well as his outlook on life. you’re probably wondering where his story starts, so without further a-due… 👇🏼

me: what happened that you were always getting in trouble?

dominic: just always doing dumb shit i shouldn’t have been doing. got caught with weed in school. got caught smoking cigs. got caught sneaking out. broke windows. you name it lol

me: so you grew up with your parents? did you have any siblings?

dominic: 2 sisters and a brother… but i didn’t get to see my brother that much

me: why is that?

dominic: he lived with his mom. so he only came to visit. we used to be close as hell but then he just kinda cut me out of his life for no reason. but whatever

me: did he have a different mom than you?

dominic: yeah, he’s my half brother but i never looked it at like that… he’s my brother

me: beautiful way of looking at that. at what age did he cut you off and have you spoke to him since?

dominic: when i was like 15. i could count the number of texts he sent me on both my hands- and i’m about to be 23 now too

me: im really sorry to hear that. he never explained why?

dominic: nah never

me: do you remain close with your parents now?

dominic: i love my parents very much. but i never really opened up with them… there’s a lot of shit i went through that they have no idea about

me: can you elaborate on that? it’s okay if you don’t want to

dominic: i don’t really wanna go into much detail… but i lost myself. completely… i didn’t really know who to turn to.. it just kinda felt like i didn’t have anybody

me: thats okay, i’m really sorry you went through that. can you describe how that changed you as a person?

dominic: it definitely takes a toll on you. i’m not tryna sit here and play victim like ahhh poor me.. nah. there were things i did that definitely didn’t help with where i was with my mental health. a lot of the times my view towards a lot of things are very pessimistic. i have good days…. but these past 3 to 4 years… the bad has definitely outweighed the good, and i chose to cope the wrong way

me: what exactly inspired your music?

dominic: shit… my music has always been kinda dark. i always put my personal shit in music as a sort of an escape from everything i was feeling. and now im at a point where random people i don’t even know are starting to telling me that my music is helping them get through dark times. it’s crazy because that’s what music did for me

me: i think that realization is the most amazing feeling

dominic: right… it definitely helps me keep going hard

me: if you could describe your music to someone whos never heard it before, how would you describe it?

dominic: shit… that’s a tough one… especially cause lately i’ve been making so much different shit… i’ve been everywhere. i’d tell then my music is dark but it goes hard asf. something y’all can really relate to i think. my music comes from a very dark part of me, and everyone has that in them. i don’t care who you are

me: honestly youre right about that. whats your favorite track that youve released?

dominic: damn that’s a hard one… i’m not a very confident person but lately i’ve been making some really good music… it’s not just one

me: is there a track that you went outside the box to create?

dominic: i’m working on a project right now and a lot of these songs are a sound people have never heard from me

me: what do you do to stop yourself when you feel like giving up on all of it?

dominic: damn it’s hard because like i said… i’m still not perfect. my bad days still outweigh my good ones. i just let it all out with music. i try to put out good energy towards others

me: the things/people that motivate you most?

dominic: my little sister, my nephew, fear of failure, my want to succeed… now do you wanna know artists that influenced me or people i know?

me: both!

dominic: artists… x, lovell, j cole, $B, mac miller, peep… i listened to a lot of rock music too back when i was younger too do that definitely played apart in my music now. my boys… jerome, james, will, goldie, august… after all the years… they’ve never switched up on me

me: whats one thing you learned from them that you still use to this day?

dominic: it was real. allows their supporters to really connect with them. x was a very big influence to me. they way he was open and they way his supporters loved him…what he was tryna do with his social status. that shit is inspiring. i wanna help people. i want it to go a lot deeper than just music

me: examples of how youd like to do that?

dominic: i really want my supporters and i to have a family relationship. i want them to be able to come to me whenever they feel like they have no one. feeling like you’re alone is never fun and if i can help bring them some comfort outside of my music… i can cross this off as a success. fuck clout, fuck money, fuck fame… i want something that’ll actually last. something eternal

me: that’s a beautiful way of putting that. that’s something that’s very much valued about an artist

dominic: thank you so much (:

me: ofcourse! tell us a little about nephilim gang & blackblade!

dominic: shit man… nephilim gang is warlord colossus, matt blacc, plague, witchouse 40k and darby o’trill… we some of the most talented muhfuckas in the underground rn… y’all will know the name nephilim gang. blackblade was a group started by downpor, young prophet and i also kinda contributed to the start up… just a group of us on twitter who all really fuck with and support each other

me: your most embarrassing moment? (musical/general)

dominic: musically… when i first started i thought i was so good but looking back at it… i was ass 😂 in general… i’ll never forget this one time i tried to do a flip and split my pants right up the middle


dominic: shit was funny 😂😂

me: how old were you when that happened? 😂

dominic: like 14/15 i think

me: oh my goodness you musta been mortified

dominic: shit happens 😂😂 it was funny

me: laughing with you- not at you 😂

dominic: im laughing at me 😂

me: are you a clumsy person?

dominic: at times i can be

me: do you have other hobbies you enjoy outside of music?

dominic: yeah…. i like to hike.. i workout.. i read sometimes… i write poems… and play video games

me: what are your favorite books to read?

dominic: i’ve read all the harry potter books multiple times lol i like reading books by robert greene… his shit is some non fiction learn how to take over the world type shit

me: harry potter is the shit, if you’re into vans they’re making harry potter ones

dominic: yoooo id cop a pair that had just the lightning on them… that’d be pretty sweet. not gonna lie

me: would be, haha 😂 so you mentioned poetry… can we see one of your poems?

(below i linked one of dominic’s poems for you guys- you’re going to love it) 🖤

me: wow that is beautiful, especially the last 3 lines

dominic: thank you so much. writing poems helps me break my writers block when i go through it

me: does your poetry tie into your music writing?

dominic: yeah sometimes it does. with this project i’m working on… it did

me: im really glad something creative helps you be creative. that’s a really cool trait to have

dominic: poetry is a lot easier to write than music to me for some reason too… to me when i write poems…. i don’t think… there’s no format.. i just write freely. no stress

me: and there’s nothing attached to the poetry, like getting a beat on the words

dominic: just the words. i think poetry has definitely helped with my writing ability

me: i can imagine! an inspiration of yours that you would love to work with in the future?

dominic: dude the day that lovell and i make a song… it’s gonna be over for everyone. that shit will be an instant classic

me: love lovell 🖤

dominic: yeah yo… he’s fucking fire. he’s very underrated still and it blows my mind

me: where do you see yourself in 5 years?

dominic: if i’m still alive… hopefully happy. living in a city. doing what i love with someone i love

me: do you want to have kids in the future?

dominic: without a doubt, not for a while though

me: whats one thing you would teach them about the hardships of life?

dominic: life’s hard… it’ll throw shot after shot at you. i will reiterate to them that they are built to withstand anything. that they gotta take the hits, and keep moving forward. don’t let any hardship stray them from their path of greatness because they’re great, and they deserve every good thing that will come their way. they can’t ever give up, and that i will support them to the ends of the earth and back 98171884837615168173 times and then some

me: thank you for doing this interview with me 🙂

dominic: thank you for interviewing me…. this was pretty dope


in this world, learning to cope with the darkest and loneliest parts of yourself almost seems like an impossible task- especially when you’re in search of healthy ways to do it. to dominic, art in many forms- between music, poetry and reading- are his primary forms of getting through his hardships. it’s an amazing thing watching him reap the positive benefits from these forms of art because it’s an extremely rewarding and creative release 💌 shaping him during his hardships and shaping him when he shares his story with his supporters after overcoming his hardships- and those supporters are the grand muse in the scheme of things ✨ let’s take a look at where we can find him-




thank you for taking the time to check out dominic’s interview- you guys are his most powerful influences ✨ until next time 🎉

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