a visual expression: cameron 🌞📸

a warm welcome to cameron- an 18 year old photographer born and raised in houston, texas 🦋 cameron’s photos took me aback when i first came across them a few months back on twitter. they were crisp, fresh, and always seemed to capture his subjects (whether they be human, nature, or inanimate) in the most alluring lights. since then, i have supported his photography but never knew his true story- until he hit me up recently about doing an interview.

cameron grew up with both his parents, who were always super supportive towards him. football was his thing for most of his life until his junior year of high school… where he fell in love with photography that summer 🌞 cameron had a brother, who unfortunately passed at the age of two. for personal reasons, the details of that incident will remain private.

i was stoked to get the chance to speak with cameron about how his photography came to be- so let’s get to that 👇🏼

me: i’m really sorry to hear about your brother. how did this particular event affect you as a person?

cameron: It made me stronger, it made me realize how loneliness can really affect one’s mind and just being able to know what it feels like for someone to look up to you and love you unconditionally. I coped by just helping my parents get through that difficult time

me: how old were you? helping your parents through something like that is a really strong and powerful thing for you to do at a young age

cameron: I was 12 years old

me: my heart reaches out to you. i apologize

cameron: Thank you so much

me: ofcourse. do you currently live with your parents?

cameron: My mom.

me: if you dont mind me asking, are your parents currently together?

cameron: No they aren’t

me: i’m sorry to hear that as well. my parents went through quite the separation when i was around 12/13 so i can relate

cameron: I’m sorry to hear that as well

me: thank you. what made you lose interest in football?

cameron: Just got tired of it and it start interfering with my school life

me: so you told me earlier you got into photography your junior year. what exactly got you into it? how was the process of starting for you?

cameron: I always had a passion for it. I never explored it cause I was with football but it was one of the best decisions ever. It was rough starting out, nobody liked my work and they all hated on me. I just decided to put my head down and work hard

me: did you originally start with portrait photos?

cameron: No I can’t put a type on my photos actually. I just shot what I felt, but I did do some starting out, but not like that was the start of my photography career, no

me: some of the coolest sceneries you’ve taken photos in?

cameron: A lake, forest, a tree, and I’m going to shooting on a skyscraper next

me: that’s so insane, what cameras have you been through over the course of your photography?

cameron: Just one, I use a Cannon Rebel T6 and still use the lens that it came with. Nothing different

me: what are your favorite parts of capturing a photo?

cameron: The art behind it and the concepts and places that I get to go to. Also the people I get to meet.

me: cool places you have been to?

cameron: LA, New York, Chicago

(below are some of cameron’s favorite shots he took from those places)

me: those are incredibly beautiful

cameron: Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything and those kind words

me: ofcourse! have you ever made cover art for people’s music- or thought about it?

cameron: No, I have thought about it but never did

me: photographers that motivate/inspire you?

cameron: Gunner Stahl and Rayscorruptedmind

me: and what have they taught you? ✨

cameron: Be yourself just shoot because you want to and everything will fall into place in due time

me: now did you do any schooling for photography or was this all self taught?

cameron: Self taught photography, get better by your at your own pace

me: have you ever inspired anyone close to you to look into it as well?

cameron: Yes a lot of people actually come to me and tell me that they wanna start shooting or start photography like me

me: what do you tell them?

cameron: Follow your heart, do what makes you happy. Don’t listen to haters and be yourself and see how people follow you once they see you start and make you own way. Finally just create what makes you happy and be proud of your work

me: what would be the first thing you would do if you got famous from your photography?

cameron: Go and start movements like mental health awareness and give back. But I would enjoy the limelight a bit too

me: how so? 🙂

cameron: Give creative kids that don’t have the funds or stable support to create a chance to create, and focus on both men and women mental health across the board with events and pop up shops

me: wow thats such a beautiful goal to work towards ❤️

cameron: Thank you so much I really wanna help society as much as I can

me: i can definitely sense that. some things you enjoy doing with your spare time besides photography?

cameron: I like music, working out, hanging with friends, and watching aesthetic videos. Those are dope asf

me: example of an aesthetic video? which one is your favorite?

cameron: Has to be either Butterfly Effect by Travis Scott or Praise the Lord by A$AP Rocky

me: both good ones! do you plan on living in houston for your whole life or would you like to move elsewhere down the line?

cameron: LA, NY, or overseas. I love Houston but you gotta leave eventually for this business

me: understandable! do you have a quote or a song that keeps you pushing when things get rough?

cameron: let your ambitions carry you- Travis Scott and you can’t buy vision and you can’t buy aesthetic-Travis again

me: anything you’d like to add before we conclude the interview? ❤️

cameron: I just wanna thank everyone for believing in me and shoutout to the day ones. New art coming soon and big moves coming soon. Also thank you for the interview. Puttin on for mo city, Texas!

me: youre welcome ✨

it’s always interesting interviewing a person you dont’t know really well. interviews are meant for an artist’s supporters to get to know the artist better- i was blessed to be one of those supporters today 🖤 cameron has faced several hardships in his life that made him feel low- it was remarkable to learn how he used something as intricate and beautiful as photography to channel his emotions and energy 🔮 and he wanted to share that piece of himself with all of you- his supporters, friends, or people like me who get the chance to see him in a different light for the first time. you can find some of his remarkable works below ✨

twitter: https://twitter.com/CAMSVISUALART

instagram: https://instagram.com/camsvisualart?igshid=1uw8hcm7xtehw

thank you for taking the time to read, we appreciate you! until next time 🌛

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