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meet curtis (commonly known as dreoh), a 17 year old musician from the villas, south jersey. im blessed to have had the chance to catch up with him and do an interview; i have been supporting him for quite some time and he’s one of my closest friends. curt has been through more than he should’ve growing up, but despite, he persevered. knowing him for some time, i’ve come to realize he’s one of the most dedicated and passionate artists i know, always going above and beyond for his music. i got the chance to speak with him and find out a little about his life and creative process, and we’re both pretty psyched to share with all of you 💓 with that being said- let’s get to it.

me: tell us about your childhood growing up

curt: growing up i spent alot of time doing stupid shit with my friends, it was a group of like 10 or so of us and we’d play games outside, ride bikes and shit. as we got older, we got in alot of trouble but nothing much really came out of it because we were only like 11-12 at the time. me and my mom never had it easy financially, for a while we had to do what we could to get by. there were nights where all i got to eat were slices of bologna and cheese, looking back i laugh at it but it was a bad situation. my dad left us when i was 3 days old so i never got the chance to know him or any of my half siblings. i tried my best to be atleast alright in school but as time went on i just started fucking up more and more. my mom and i, man there wasn’t a single thing in the world that could change my respect for what she’s done. there’s days where i’m just really annoyed and aggravated but she the only person who never gave up on me, i lost friends family allat shit and she was one person who never left

me: i’m heartbroken to hear how your situation was growing up, i can relate to it a lot myself. it’s a blessing your mom stayed by your side through all of that, it’s a blessing you had someone to rely on. how would you describe your relationship with your mom today?

curt: it’s pretty good but i been dealing with heavy mental illness so i isolate myself alot

me: do you mind touching on that?

curt: well it started around freshman year, i was dealing with some social anxiety that i got over like halfway through sophomore year. on september 1st, my uncle died of a heart attack and it took a toll on me as time went on. in october, i told my mom i really wasn’t feeling ok at a wedding for one of my extended family members. i told her anytime she told me she loved me i really didn’t feel anything, it was just like “eh that’s cool i guess.” at first i just put it off as like teenager shit until november came around and i started to stop eating as much. once that happened i knew something was up because i always ate two meals a day and i couldn’t even finish a bag of chips. in december, i pretty much hit rock bottom completely. i was having these graphic suicidal thoughts in school and at home and it brought my anxiety back but 50x worse. i’d shake in bed, i wouldn’t wanna get up, shit was just hitting me. from late november, i went from 220 pounds to around 180-175 by january. got into some shit im not gonna detail just because it’s unnecessary to mention but i really was fucked up at one point, i was doing shit for everyone but no one returned the favor. i tried changing my environment by using music as like an escape from the bullshit but it didn’t really do much, plus music made me lose alot of friends. now im just tryna stay up from everything

me: that sounds like an excruciatingly painful time for you. can you pick out the things that helped you stay on this world through all of that? what were some of the things that motivated you to wake up everyday?

curt: music, music really kept me up and it sounds corny but it really did. i turned all of it into music and now i’m more consistent than i’ve ever been

me: which song of yours is the most emotional to you and why?

curt: i have a song called again that has like 1k on my page, most personal i’ve ever gotten

(linked below is curt’s track “again”)


me: every artist needs something before they can sit down and make music, whether it be a certain environment or certain item or such. what would be yours?

curt: i can only make music in complete silence in a small area, that’s the only way

me: small area, i’m the same way with that

curt: it’s the best

me: for you, what’s the hardest thing about making music?

curt: honestly the hardest thing for me would be finding the best way to approach the beat. all my songs gotta have structure or ima delete the whole thing 😂

me: i’m this way with drawing 😂 do you remember the very first song you ever made? what changes do you notice from that song to now?

curt: yea actually, it was over a chief keef instrumental in early 2013

me: do you have a link to that? 😳

curt: nah sadly, i recorded all my songs in voice memos on an iphone 4 until christmas 2016

me: oh my god i used to do that 😂😂😂

curt: that shit was so bad but cool

me: coolest people you have had the chance of working with in this scene?

curt: brickboirick, toph, and teddyc

me: how have the people you’ve met in ioa impacted and influenced you?

curt: helped me meet alot of new faces, gave me a healthier mindset with music and gave me a good reason to keep at this

me: what do you tell yourself when you feel like throwin in the towel?

curt: “i’m too young to quit, i got time”

me: what about music makes it mean so much to you? what about it makes it so beautiful to you?

curt: i think it’s because ive been around it and doing it for so long that it’s just a part of me

me: if you were to pop off making music, what would be the first thing you would do with your fame?

curt: try to create a program for recovering heroin addicts

me: that’s a beautiful thing to do. why this specifically?

curt: there’s a really bad heroin epidemic in my area and i’ve lost family and friends to it

me: i’m sorry to hear that, you shouldn’t have had to deal with that

curt: it’s alright

me: other interests you enjoy doing outside of music?

curt: i been tryna learn piano and guitar ALOT, i watch hella horror movies and i play gta more than i should

me: what you already make mixed in with piano and guitar- you’d be unstoppable. favorite horror movie?

curt: texas chainsaw massacre or the saw series

me: solid choices! speaking of horror, do you have any fears? can be rational or irrational

curt: i fear losing friends, my biggest fear is losing my mom

me: the most important thing your mom has taught you?

curt: never hold grudges and always be thankful

me: my mom has always taught me that as well, holding a grudge wastes too much time and holds you back so much

curt: fr it’s the worst

me: places in the world you would want to travel to?

curt: venice, greece and rome

me: any reason why, specifically? or just think they’re pretty places?

curt: they seem so peaceful, i could use some time in a beautiful place like that

me: well put 🙂 most embarrassing moment? (musical & non)

curt: most embarrassing music moment for me is i have a song i dropped in november and one of the layers on it is out of key

me: did you know it was out of key before the drop?

curt: after i exported it i noticed it but i had to play it back like 3 times to catch it

me: did anyone else notice it before you?

curt: nah everyone thinks i killed that shit LMFAOOOOOOOOO

me: AYYYYYYYY thats what’s up though no one even noticed

curt: it’s my song love back actually

me: no way

(linked below is curt’s song “love back”)


me: i’m sure people who don’t know you are curious: why do you go by dreoh?

curt: i used to play call of duty a few years back and trickshot, that was the name i went by. when i first started releasing music in the ug community over a year ago, i went by curt but changed it because it was so boring

me: a stage name definitely spices things up a little, leaves some mystery

curt: facts

me: what do we have to look forward to in the future from you?

curt: a whole new sound, i think it’s time i move on from the ignorant side of my self and show a more insightful side rather than another kid who jus raps about his upbringing

me: can you give us a sneak peak on what that might look like? without giving it away of course lol

curt: i’m pretty much making more stuff like my newest song (understood) because it takes more time and it’s alot more rewarding

(linked below is curt’s newest single “understood”)


me: i loved that track, showed more of your singing side

curt: yea i try my best to sing, i’m nothing like my friends are (toph drako teddy mochila yurms etc.)

me: it sounds beautiful regardless, comparing isnt always the best

curt: that’s true, comparing isn’t good

me: only compare what you’re doing now to what you used to do or what you want to do

curt: yeah i have a hard time with that but i try to

me: we all do it unfortunately

curt: fr it sucks

me: something you’re proud of outside of music?

curt: i won a school spelling bee in the 5th grade and placed 8th in the tristates

me: holy shit you’re a spelling champ

curt: vibes

me: what do you do when you hit a music block?

curt: i just make music to get out the block. i get inspired by everything and anything

me: artists/albums that have inspired you and your music heavy?

curt: almighty so by keef, keef in general, fredo in general

me: advice you would give to beginners?

curt: don’t give up, don’t compare yourself to others, only worry about bettering yourself and fuck anybody who’s not supportive of what you do

me: perfect

every challenge curt had thrown at him, he’s found a way to make it past somehow- despite it looking bleak at times. in this community, it’s hard to find artists who make music for the right reasons, who truly have the passion for it. the fact that curt has used music as his coping mechanism in absolutely every situation he’s been in just goes to show how much this particular craft has drastically moved him and his life. it meant so much to me that he was able to do this interview with me; i’m eternally proud of who he’s becoming. if you’re interested in checking him out, i’ve dropped some links for you guys below. enjoy ☘️

the imaginative album:








i appreciate you guys for reading and getting to know curt 💕 until next time!

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