myojin: from the beginning ☘️

meet jaden, an 18 year old musician from pennsylvania. i have watched this guy come so far. back when i met jaden in spring of 2018, he was not yet making music. for this reason exactly, is why i was so excited to actually interview him. from multiple hour long phone calls, many video game sessions, struggle after struggle, and the reality of tapping into music for the very first time- i have had the blessing of actually experiencing watching his creative capabilities blaze to life. in return, jaden has known me since i first started putting my art out on social media, long before i started interviewing, long before i met most of you. it was important for me to highlight some of his bright times and some of his dark ones in this creative journey, to express in truth just how far he’s traveled. so without further ado- lets get to it 🍃

me: tell us a little about your childhood!

jaden: i was born out in seattle in ‘01. my parents moved to vancouver shortly after, and we were back in pennsylvania by the time i was 4. i was an only child until i was 7. i had a pretty normal childhood. i played baseball till middle school, and was a regular at the local skate park till 9th grade when i kept getting injured

me: what happened that you kept getting injured?

jaden: i was falling trying to do tricks. i sprained my wrist, then fucked up my knee, then fractured the growth plate in my ankle

me: jesus christ, must’ve been some cool ass tricks haha

jaden: i wish they were cool tricks, i just sucked ass at skateboarding lmfao

me: i’ve known you for how long and never knew you skateboarded! what was your favorite part about that?

jaden: probably being able to hang out with a bunch of people that have the same hobby. plus we’d all go and smoke weed too haha

me: you smoked weed that early? lol

jaden: well that was moreso in the middle school days of skating

me: do you have a close relationship with your parents/sibling(s)?

jaden: i have very healthy relationships with my parents and brother. my brother’s finally gotten to the age where we’re starting to have similar interests, so i can tell we’re gonna be good friends in the coming years. my parents are my number 1 supporters fr. they’re super supportive of any hobbies i pick up, and they especially love that i’m doing something as creatively expressive as music

me: that’s honestly gotta be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world- knowing such important people in your life support what you love doing

jaden: it really is. and its been that way with all my previous hobbies – drumming, skateboarding, sports. nonstop support. it really is fucking amazing

me: super happy to hear that. when did you decide you wanted to start doing music and how was that process for you?

jaden: i think it was around march 2018 when i started writing lyrics to vent about how i was feeling. during the summer of 2018 i met a bunch of people in the underground, namely my boys fin9k and reaper. it was around this time that i really wanted to record my vocals and post my shit on soundcloud. huge shoutouts to reaper and fin9k, because without them there would be no myojin. reaper bought me my first mic back in september 2018, and fin9k has been mastering my vocals since the beginning, so huge shoutouts to them. to actually start recording shit, i remember sitting there thinking “i absolutely fucking hate my voice, why the fuck would i wanna put vocal tracks out to the public?” and then something shifted and i was like “fuck it, i’m just gonna go for it.” and i’ve had my foot on the gas pedal ever since

me: what a remarkable story. do you feel this actually opened you up to enjoying your voice more?

jaden: oh fuck no 😂 i still hate the sound of my voice, but there’s a few of my songs that i enjoy listening to

(below i have linked a song of jaden’s that he enjoys listening to)

jaden: this is the only song i’ve put out that i’ve really wanted to film a music video for

me: good one to plug. do you see a music video anytime soon in the works?

jaden: right now it’s unlikely. but i got a few ideas and plans for some shit, so something might happen. just gonna have to wait and see

me: so it seems as though a lot of your friends from twitter are moving in together and starting lives with their music together, is this something that you think is in your future as well?

jaden: i really fucking hope so. to be surrounded by homies that stay on their grind would be hella inspirational

me: i can imagine, especially with them having the same interests as you

jaden: oh yeah, for sure

me: if you had the choice of working with one underground artist, who would it be and why?

jaden: i definitely would love to work with guardin one day. i’ve listened to him for years. i’d either wanna hear him on one of my beats or wanna sing with him on a jakkyboi or shinigami beat. that’d be fuckin sick. or scream about some bullshit with navvvi or hxnjv. that’d be fun as hell

me: guardin is mega talented

jaden: for real

me: have you ever sent beats to your influencers?

jaden: i know i’ve sent a few beats to guardin before. i’ve only sent beats to a handful of people, so that’s a no for most of them

me: that’s honestly really cool. so you started off as a vocal artist, at what point did you decide to dip into the production part of music and how was that process for you?

jaden: back in january my school got a new computer for the music department, and they got the producer edition of fl 20 too. so i started toying around with it and making shit. now i’m decent at using the program, and i’ve been posting beats on youtube and traktrain for a month now. i also just got my first beat placement, shoutouts to ayame and junior, ends through death

me: that’s honestly really impressive in such a short amount of time. i tried to make a beat once- flopped big time

jaden: i’m still learning and honing the craft, it’ll be crazy to see how far i’ve come this time next year

me: it honestly will and i’ll be here for it! do you have any upcoming projects that we can look forward to? or at least a sneak peak of whats to come?

jaden: well i’ve got a song written that takes me back to my roots of making that rage style of music, screaming over hard 808s and such. i still need to record it though. i also got 2 instrumental songs sitting in the vault. i dropped a vocal ep last week- kill myojin

me: what song of yours was the most fun to make and why?

jaden: hmm, probably the whole DIGITAL ep. i really got to explore creatively with my sound, and i definitely wanna make another electronic project

me: a piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start?

jaden: experiment with your sound and stay original. you might get plays for sounding like someone, but making something unique and original can be rewarding

me: great advice. a lot of artists tend to sound the same in this scene

jaden: for real. between the peep clones and the bones clones, its hard to distinguish originality

me: tell us why you chose myojin!

jaden: i used to play a card game called magic the gathering, and one of the cards was called “myojin of night’s reach.” it sounded dope, so started going by that

me: do you think you’ll stick with it?

jaden: most likely. ive thought about releasing my electronic music under a different name, but idk

me: things you enjoy doing outside of music?

jaden: playing videogames and watching wrestling

me: favorite video game?

jaden: of all time, definitely skyrim. but right now im enjoying rainbow 6 siege a lot

me: have you ever thought of other components of art (besides music) such as drawing, digital art, photography, etc?

jaden: i’ve tried drawing before, i’m not too good at it. but i enjoy taking photos. its fun

me: where do you see yourself in 5 years?

jaden: hopefully in a house with my homies making music and partying

me: what’s the first thing you would do if you got famous?

jaden: retire my mother 100%

me: would you be open to doing music shows in the future?

jaden: hells yeah

me: what are some things you struggled with in your life and how did you overcome them?

jaden: i’ve struggled a lot with depression and anxiety, as well as self-harm and some addiction. i was able to overcome my depression and anxiety through meds and therapy. self-harm was really difficult to overcome but as my mental health got more stable, i was able to get clean from it, and i’m proudly over 250 days self-harm free. i was addicted to benzos for a while last year, and i got off of those by just stopping taking them

me: really fucking proud of you. have you noticed any changes (physical/mental) after getting off these things?

jaden: actually yes. when i was really depressed, i adopted a very nihilistic view of life. now that’s changed into nihilistic optimism. yeah nothing we do matters in the grand scheme of the universe, and yeah we will all die one day, so don’t waste your life with your thumb up your ass doing jackshit. get out there, do what makes you happy, and make memories so that when you’re knocking on death’s door, you can look back and say that you lived a good and fulfilling life

me: a really beautiful way to look at things- and i don’t think alot of people even realize that

jaden: thank you; it took a fuckton of existential dread to get to that point lol but its a great outlook on life, and i wouldn’t trade my journey to get there for anything

me: hardest beats for you to make?

jaden: probably lofi type stuff. i always wanna add a bangin 808 to everything, and lofi isn’t exactly known for ear-shattering shit

me: understandable there. what does a normal day look like for jaden?

jaden: wake up between 11 and 3, go out and smoke, do a few chores, then alternate between watching netflix/youtube, playing videogames, and working on music, with some smoke breaks in there. i usually go to bed between 2 and 4

me: your biggest regret in life?

jaden: starting smoking cigs. them jawns kill you AND your wallet

me: on GOD been there

jaden: shit sucks fr

me: do you have a quote you live by?

jaden: its not really a quote, but i live with the mindset of optimistic nihilism. nothing we do on this earth matters in the grand scheme of the universe, so we should all make the most out of the years of life we have and live life to the fullest potential

even for me, re-hearing about the journey and process of this journey jaden has embarked on is massively inspirational. in music, he found something to calm the demons in his head- in him and many other artists, its something i admire heavy. having the tools and passion to get on song and scream your heart out is an insane stress relief and outlet for the trials of life. for this i’m so proud of him, and was ecstatic to share his story with y’all 🌞

now i’m sure you guys are ready to hear for yourselves- below i’ve provided the links 🙂









thank you so much for reading, till next time 💓

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