You Don’t Want To Overlook Her Voice 🦋

Say hello to Jillian Nadeau, the girl behind the piercing melodies and seemingly relatable lyrics. Entrancing you with notes that take your ears on a journey, this girl has taken her music by storm and has made it mentionable. It’s not every day one meets an artist who solely centers her passion around the ears she displays it to, it’s a pleasure to share her voice with you 🖤

Tell us who you are and what you do for ones who may not know you

My name is Jillian Nadeau and I am a music artist. I mainly sing and write music but I can play some instruments too

When did you know that music was your thing? How was that process for you?

I’ve always known that music was going to be a part of my life forever, however I decided a few years ago that I wanted to make music a career situation. That process was scary. For a lot of people, their families may view any sort of arts as unstable – which it can be. Even though music may fall under the same spotlight of being an unstable career choice, my family and friends are supportive of me and do what they can to help me achieve my goals. That made the process easier as time went on. The process is still tough, but it’s comforting to know that people love and support me in whatever I do.

I’m really glad to hear you have such positive and uplifting individuals surrounding you and your music. What does the process of making a song look like for you?

Lately, it’s been kinda difficult to actually finish a song. But when I am successful in creating and finishing a song, here’s the process: producers send me beats they think I’d sound nice on and I listen to the beat over and over until I decide if I can hear myself on it. If I do, significant words kind of just start popping into my head, and these words usually end up being the song title unless I decide otherwise. Words turn into sentences and then I got a whole written song on my hands to record. I still record in my closet, and I usually spend hours in there just recording over and over and layering harmonies. Many people don’t know this, but a lot of my harmonies and extra ad lib type vocals get cut because it’s just me playing around until I find something I like. Sometimes I release those vocals for some to hear and then I delete them from the public – maybe one day I’ll just drop a whole album of just random vocals, haha. I went on a lil tangent there but my song process is a wild ride once I reach the closet. When I’m finished in the closet, I usually test my song on my roommates before dropping it.

A closet is a very unique place for a music process considering most people I know like to record in the open. How long does this usually take for you? What are some things you struggle with in this process?

I think the most time I’ve spent in the closet at one time is five hours. I just got lost in the process and forgot about life outside. Making a song itself in the closet could take a few hours to a few days for me, depending on my work/school schedule and how I’m doing mentally. The struggle for me right now is finding the energy to go in there and finish something. I’ve been getting halfway through writing songs and recording those halves because I know I’m not gonna have the energy to finish the other half yet. It’s a struggle everyone eventually goes through, I kinda just want to be done with this struggle though. I think it’s been since May or June that I’ve completed a song that I’m satisfied with, which was BBE. This is why I’ve been doing features lately because it’s been easier, but I don’t like easy.

If you had to dig deep, why do you feel you struggle making music you’re satisfied with?

There’s a few reasons why I’m usually dissatisfied with a song. Recently, it’s been my lyricism and my delivery within a song. It kinda just sounds like I’m making a song to create something, but it’s a song I wouldn’t release because it’s more for myself. The frustration for me is the fact that I really enjoy sharing my art with people – that’s what I’m trying to do. So if I make something I can’t share with others, it kinda sucks. It took me a long time to drop BBE because my delivery on the song wasn’t hard enough. If I showed you the first draft of BBE, you’d notice immediately that I sound too soft when it’s supposed to be about being a bad bitch and having all of this confidence in yourself.

BBE is most certainly one of your strongest tracks. What was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you! I’m mostly known for my slower songs and harmonies, more of an ambient sound overall. I wanted to try something different, something more hard hitting and a more positive attitude because a lot of my music is sad. BBE is an anthem for anyone that is feeling dragged down by others – do what you want, pursue what makes you happy, and fuck anyone that gets in your way. It’s an anthem I wish I had when I was younger, so I threw it out there for anyone that needs to hear something like that. Shoutout to Hollow from Neilaworld for the beat. Finding the right beat for this anthem was a long process in itself.

You mentioned that it’s an anthem you wish you had when you were younger- how was your childhood growing up?

My childhood was really good. My mom introduced me to my first instrument which was the violin, and my dad introduced me to a lot of rock artists that I still listen to today. My mom also took me to my voice lessons and both of my parents were and are always supportive of my love for music. I think it’s more of outsides having an opinion on what I can and can’t do with music as a career. People have told me that I shouldn’t major in music or focus so much on it because there’s a chance I’ll fail. There’s always a chance of failure with anything someone does, but that’s the type of motivation I need for this industry. If I had BBE or something similar, I think I would’ve said “fuck the haters” a lot sooner than I did.

Now that you mention being introduced to rock music at a younger age, have you ever thought to incorporate genres such as these into your music in the future? Your thoughts on genre experimentation?

I do have one song that has an added rock sound to it, though it isn’t finished to my satisfaction just yet. I really want to perfect it since it is a different sound from usual. I personally love genre experimentation! It allows the creation of new sounds and possibly new genres as well.

Who was your favorite artist to work with and why?

I gotta go with my boy ynd fuego on this. He was my first feature on both ends. Honestly, we just clicked and understood what we wanted from each other in our songs. And once we’d record and send each other our vocals, a few minutes would go by before we’re screeching in our DMs about how much we love the song, haha. I hope I get to meet him in person one day!

It’s always beautiful when you find that person who fits what you need musically. It’s hard to find that out here, I’ve noticed. Where do you plan on taking your music? As far as goals

My goal is to reach as many people as I can with my music. I realize that’s a goal for many people, but that isn’t a bad thing. I wish to inspire others to do what makes them happy. I want others to relate to my music if they’re having trouble finding something to relate to. I want to go on tours and have people sing my words back to me – I’ve gotten a taste of that already and it’s a crazy feeling.

Tell us what about that experience ~ people singing your words back to you

I usually go to this open mic spot a lot so people have become familiar with me and my music. One night I was performing BBE and I was lowkey tired from dancing around on stage. I thought, “let’s see if they’ll sing for me” and the crowd screamed, “I got bad bitch energy!” right back at me. And it really set in, like yeah you do! That moment was a rush and it really motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing, because people really do listen to what I’m releasing. And for that, I say a huge thank you to everyone that listens and comments and messages me personally – y’all really keep me going!

Describe what it feels like to be on stage- I’m sure so many are curious (as am I)

I usually perform in front of smaller crowds so it’s very intimate. I feel like it’s easy for me to connect to the people who are watching and listening. I really want to know what it feels like to be in front of a larger crowd, and I may actually be able to do that soon! But I can’t drop that news yet, hehe.

Oh my goodness… how EXCITING You already know I’d be there if you weren’t a million and one miles away, haha. What is your favorite element of a beat and why?

To be honest, the news involves me being in another state! I might end up being closer to you… The one thing I really enjoy and look for when best shopping is a melody. I can’t really do much with a beat that doesn’t have something to go along with it. If a beat has a melody and it has an ambient sound, that has to be my favorite element.

You already know I’m freaking… I can already see why melodies would be your favorite element just based on your music, it seems like that’s when you let the passion in your vocals shine the brightest

I agree with that! If I can listen to a beat and hear harmonies that I can sing over the beat, I know I’m set!

Who are some of your favorite artists in the underground? Who do you feel has been kicking some ass lately?

I’m a huge fan of Neilaworld for sure, Belis especially because she’s a female kicking ass in the industry. She was the first girl I heard of in the underground which is why she has a special place in my heart. I also enjoy listening to Austin Skinner – I’d love to work with him one day because I think our voices would blend nicely together.

Both extremely moving artists, I’m a supporter of both 💗 Wouldn’t doubt you could land working with Austin. How do you handle the negative aspects of the underground scene?

I try to stay out of drama for the most part. I wish it the underground was a little bit more supportive in sharing and following others. I noticed a lot of people worry about follower counts and ratios and that’s not what music should be about. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

I wholeheartedly agree, the unity almost feels broken when so many artists tear eachother apart every other day. For ones who may struggle with this, how do you manage to stay true to yourself in a community that struggles with this concept?

I’ve built up some great friendships with other artists in the underground. I think having these friendships has kept sane and has helped me stay true to myself; we support each other, whether it’s music or just our lives in general.

Shout them out 💕

Aw man there’s too many to name! I guess to name a few… you for sure, @yilomars, @yndfuego, @opioidfather, @dreoh1k, @_uglyboy4, @Young_Reck_ ; honestly if I’m in a group chat with you, ily. Also shoutout @yungnightshade and @assmodeuz, those are my girls

Most of those names I know, I’m pleased to know they’ve took such good care of your friendship 💞 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself moved out of Florida for sure. I’ll be living in California most likely, and I’ll be signed to a label. I will be touring and having a blast! I’m all about manifestation, I don’t like saying “if”. Instead, I say, “when I…”

An incredible way to look at things, so many miss this mindset. Labels these days are difficult to trust, considering the stigma that surrounds them. Your feelings on them?

From what I’ve seen, a lot of people have messed up with not reading their contracts. Some people will sign because they’re getting signed, or they’re getting money right away. In this industry, you have to be extremely careful of everything you sign and the people you deal with. Please please please read your contracts with a lawyer! If something doesn’t look right, say something. If you’re met with negativity, move on from the label that reached out. If they liked you, another label will too (another label that will treat you fairly at that).

Such a smart move on an artist’s move, it’s incredibly important to make sure your time, money, effort, and talents aren’t being taken advantage of. A shred of advice you’d give to artists first starting out?

Remember why you’re creating your art in the first place, and don’t lose sight of that as you progress.

This is something I live by to this day 💗 Female musicians in the underground (or just about in general) are a rarity to come by these days. Why do you feel that is?

I feel like it could be a few things. Girls may not be interested in making the type of music that people like in the underground. Or, they may not see enough girls in the underground to make them comfortable and to stick around. Or, they may just stick to the route of mainstream music (which is fine!) I know I don’t see many girls in the underground and that kinda saddens me, but it also makes it a little easier to be known as well. Granted, I’m not super well known (or at least I don’t think so lmao) but it will make my process easier.

Do you feel that sort of gives you an advantage to get noticed? Knowing there isn’t as many like you?

I would say so, yeah. But I still gotta work my ass off regardless since I am a woman in the underground. Which brings me to my next point – us girls gotta stick together!

It’s something I’ve wanted to primarily focus on with my blog- shedding light to smaller artists as well as big and making all of them feel like they have a voice in multiple different places. As a female in this scene I can definitely relate and stand beside other females when they say they feel overlooked, and I’d never want them to feel like they don’t matter just as much as everyone else!

And I’m so glad you’re doing that. I know I can speak for other women in the scene, we appreciate your work and your strength. You work your ass off to make us heard. I hope I can make us heard with my music and inspire other women to want to be heard too!

I appreciate that so much 💕 Has it ever crossed your mind to merge your music with other creative ventures, such as experimenting with art or merchandise?

I’d definitely love to have some clothing made in the future, especially with some of my lyrics on shirts or hats or something. That’d be sick!

If only I could cook up a cool design for it 🤫

I meeeean 👀

Just let me know whenever 🤭

For sure! I’d love that

I would too 💕 What’s the first thing you would do with your fame if your music popped off overnight?

I’d probably freak out to be honest. I’d call my mom though. She’s always always ALWAYS believed in me and she even manifests in me and my future, so I’d definitely tell her. I’m holding onto a song that’s produced by amadxus right now so I’d probably drop that soon after my music popped off. But if it doesn’t pop off overnight soon, I miiight just drop it… relatively soon? 🙂

BETTER BE SOON It’s so heartwarming to hear artists having such strong support systems. Definitely keeps you pushing at every point you feel like throwing in the towel

It will be!! I lowkey made a promise to drop another song soon and I don’t break my promises, haha. And yeah, my mom is my number one fan. I’m not sure where I’d be if I didn’t have her supporting me❤️

I actually have a female artist that would blend insane with your vocals but we’re gonna leave that part out of the interview 🤫💜 Also, was this your first interview?

Oooo you’re gonna have to introduce me! And no, this wasn’t my first interview. Although, this has been my favorite interview ❤️

This warms my heart 💜

Its true though! Thank you so much for interviewing me 💞💞

Thank you so much for letting me share your voice 👸🏻💋

Hear for yourself~



See for yourself~



Thank you for reading 💕 Until next time!

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