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meet curtis (commonly known as dreoh), a 17 year old musician from the villas, south jersey. im blessed to have had the chance to catch up with him and do an interview; i have been supporting him for quite some time and he’s one of my closest friends. curt has been through more than he […]

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souljaskale ☠️🕺🏽

meet michael, a 19 year old producer born and raised in orlando. i had the pleasure of sitting down with this talented individual and chatting about many things. this is how he describes his childhood growing up- “i grew up living in the suburbs and around 5 years old i moved into a country woodsy […]

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young heretic 🐉🔥

meet oliver, a 23 year old artist from roseville, california. he currently resides in las vegas, nevada. today, i got the chance to sit down with this young artist and chat, and we ended up touching on a lot of subjects. oliver has been a close friend of mine for some time now, and i […]

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